quick fit

Set yourself up for being productive—ALL day, by scheduling a Quick Fit break.

Quick Fit

Make Quick Fit your game changer

  • fit breaks for work-from-home entrepreneurs

  • book whenever you like

  • no equipment needed

  • every-body.fit comes to you, in person or online (www.zoom.us

  • be back at work in less than 30 minutes


It's kinda like dial-a-workout. Liven up your work day, get away from your desk and move your body.


Spoiler alert—the following are some of the perks for work-from-home professionals who exercise regularly:


*better mood

*reduced stress

*boost confidence

*improved concentration

*get your creative juices flowing

*sharper memory

*better problem-solving capability



Dagmar Meachem,

Courage Space Coaching

W. Vancouver, BC, Canada

I work from home & she comes during my lunch break & 'works me out'. It's just what I need after sitting at my desk all morning & the workout is always just beyond what I think I'm capable of. Kelly pushes me & challenges me to go beyond my comfort zone. She somehow knows exactly how far I can go. She's fierce yet kind in her demeanour - I'm so glad I found her & no longer stress about finding a way to get my workout in.


Tod Pelly,

The Pelly Clinic

N. Vancouver, BC, Canada

I can't say enough great things about this program. Not only is it specifically designed for my body and my goals, these workouts are fun and only take 20 minutes. I highly recommend anyone who wants great results with limited time to exercise, try this program and see how it will change your life.


Tracey-Anne Greenhowe,

Find That Match

Suffolk, England

I can not thank Kelly enough, she has really helped me get over all the 'stupid' but 'real' blocks that were in the way of me and exercise. When going through the work out I really felt that Kelly pushed me just enough but not so much that it was overwhelming. I hold an image in my head that if exercise isn't HARD and boring then it doesn't count, but Kelly has really changed that for me.