Create a Life You Love 

You deserve to have a life you LOVE. If you're ready to take action toward making it happen then you're in the right place! Creating a life you love starts with YOU taking care of YOU first. It's really easy to lose your sense of self when you're busy with kids, partner, business, change,'s YOUR life & it's up to YOU to make it the way you want it. These workshops will help you figure out how to do that. Register for 1 or all 4! *For now, these workshops will be online.* Will run some in-person workshops if you have a small group - please inquire for more info.

Each workshop will be 45-60 minutes and will include some physical exercise. The exercise is suitable for EVERY BODY.  The workshop topics are as follows:

Workshop 1:  Self Love

Workshop 2:  Self Care

Workshop 3:  Mindset

Workshop 4:  Connection & Community

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Register for 1, 2, 3, or all 4 workshops...Space is limited. *$29/workshop or $97 for all 4*

Thanks for registering!