Moving Forward

You deserve to live a life you LOVE.


Life isn't always easy or kind. But your hard times are not your story. You deserve a life full of joy, excitement, and wonder. A life you wake up excited to embrace.


Creating a life you love. is in your control. Let me help you reconnect with yourself and your worth. Together, we'll build a pathway forward to a life you love.

The Moving Forward Workshop Series brings together small groups of women who are looking for more in their lives. It's based on the principles of self love, self care, mindset, and movement. During our time together, you will 

  • gain a deeper understanding of what's important to you and what you want in life

  • create a timeline with action steps to achieve the life you want 

  • be part of a community of women like you

  • move forward excited about what's to come

Each workshop is 45-60 minutes. We will spend our time working through the workshop journal, connecting and sharing, moving our bodies, and setting goals. We will cover six areas in our sessions:

Workshop 1:  What Do I Want?

Workshop 2:  Stuff That Gets In My Way

Workshop 3:  I Love Me

Workshop 4:  Self Care That Works for Me

Workshop 5:  Energy

Workshop 6:  Action

Are you ready to Move Forward to the life you want? Register HERE and take the first step forward. You deserve a life full of massive love!

Sharla Starita,
Texas, USA 

I went through Kelly's workshops and felt so completely empowered, moving from feeling stuck to knowing I had a path going forward and how to get to goals and dreams previously out of reach. I cannot recommend her enough. She is personable, truly interacting with you, and you know she sees you, remembers you, and that you matter. It is very uplifting. I've always heard the phrase "you need to do the work" but had no clue how. She guides you through it, and so much more. This lady is phenomenal. I don't know where I would be without the guidance and tools she has provided.

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I'm ready to move forward - sign me up!

Space is limited. $119

You will be contacted upon payment to confirm your group.

See you on the inside! 



Create Your Vision

Are you living your best life? If the answer is's time to take control!

It's time to wake up, and make some magic happen! You deserve to have the life you want, so now is the time to get curious about what you truly want, create a vision, and come up with action steps to start making it all happen.

We need connection now more than ever, and this workshop is an opportunity to come together with a group of amazing women who are on a mission to create a vision for themselves too and start making things happen. This is an interactive online workshop. It's 2 hours and includes:


-journal & journalling

-partner exercises


You'll be working on a vision board (physical or digital it's up to you)

You'll leave this workshop feeling inspired and excited about living a life that flows more easily, is aligned with your values, and feels more fulfilling.  YOU DESERVE THIS.

NEXT DATE: coming soon...