What's your path? aka the inevitable

Originally I set out to write about goal setting. But I found that I was writing more about the ‘pre’ goal setting stuff. So, goal setting will be the next blog :). Let’s have a look at what happens before you set a goal. And what determines the goals you’re going to set.

There’s a quote by Christopher Reeve that I love: “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” I believe that when you really tap into your soul and take a good look around, you will find yourself moving in a cool, perhaps, no wait,- likely unfamiliar, new direction. One that is meant for you. Maybe it takes awhile, years, decades…When this happens, this shift, things that you once never even thought of or things that you actually thought you could never do, seem a little less unrealistic and scary. But ah, here you are, moving forward into scary territory, and there’s no stopping you now! This is the ‘inevitable’ part. It all just starts happening….

You know the people you meet and you walk away thinking ‘wow that person is doing exactly what he/she is meant to be doing!’. Really, we’ve all met a few people like this. It just sticks in your head - I want to BE like that!!!! So be one of those people! You CAN be. I believe we ALL can. Why not? Ok really don’t even answer that. You can.

It comes from asking (over and over), (and over) (yup, and over again) ‘What do I want my life to look like?’ Some people don’t seem to have to ask that question, they just know and they move in the direction of what they want. It’s almost annoying how easy it seems for some people. Then there are some people who seemingly don’t have a freaking clue. And they likely don’t. Ha, I was one of those people. Some of us just want to have more fun! Kidding. It’s called life. Most of us have to work at finding our path. Hey you like a challenge right? You’ve got to really look inside to figure out what you want. It’s not easy. It is HARD!!!! And scary. But totally worth it. I’m thinking of a song by the Allman Brothers - Soulshine - it’s worth listening too. All about the soul. Look inside. Listen. Feel. Trust. At the end of the day, it’s your day - it’s all about your soul - feed your soul. How to do that?

What do you want? Don’t be afraid to say what you want, and write down what you want. It doesn’t matter how crazy it seems. It’s yours. Picture it. Feel it. Trust it. It’s your path, the inevitable. You got this!

Then, you want to turn your visions into reality. Start setting goals.

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